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The physical properties of Liquid Rubber(R) are typical of its EPDM chemistry

Liquid roof makes installations easy. It is unaffected by ultra-violet and ozone, and can tolerate continuous exposure at temperatures over 300 degrees F. Ultra Violet and Ozone stable. The temps can go below 55 but the product will not begin curing again until the temp's go above 55 degrees.

Chemical Resistance-Cured EPDM rubber is resistant to acids, alkalis and polar solvents Cure system-Two-component Peroxide initiated Heat Resistance 302 degrees F (150 degrees C)

Mixing Liquid Roof With The Catalyst

Cure Mechanism-This rate is determined by temperature and the availability of oxygen. Liquid Roof liquid rubber is super-strong and waterproof, and is able to survive tremendous temperatures of warmth and chilly. Liquid roof can be applied with a paint brush, roller or squeegee. Acid and alkali resistant

Withstands ponding water even when not cured

Spreading Rate A 20 mil dry film will result when liquid is applied at the rate of 42 sq. Easily applied over Metal, Rubber, Fiberglass, Concrete, Fabric and Foam! No primer or top coat needed. Liquid rubber has a resistance for the extremes stainless steel laser cutting of temperature.

Physical Properties

The physical properties of Liquid Rubber(R) are typical of its EPDM chemistry.

Weight/gallon 8 pounds (mixed)

Tensile 680 psi

Elongation 180-200%

Brittle Point -62 degrees F.

Liquid Rubber coating has 700% elasticity. ft per gallon on a smooth surface. The EDPM chemistry has two unique features not possessed by any other rubber.Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber need temperatures above 55 degrees to cure.

Very broad temperature tolerance range (from 300 degrees F to minus 62 degrees F).

A rate of 45 sq. Liquid roof features very high flexibility and crack-bridging ability.

Liquid Rubber Coatings For Roof Repair

Its Uses

Metal - Coated or Galvanized Steel Weathered Aluminum

Weathered Copper

EPDM Rubber membrane

Concrete (except foot traffic surfaces)

Urethane Foam

Primed Wood

Fiberglass EPDM lined fish ponds

PVC Sheet and Pipe

Acrylic Sheet

Sponge Rubber insulation

EPDM Rubber Membrane on flat or sloped Roofs

Weathered Steel Siding

Weathered Fiberglass

Weathered standing seam and corrugated metal roofs

Weathered Vinyl, PVC and Polycarbonate plastic

Foam insulation for pipe

Cast Concrete foundations

Liquid Rubber is a unique product that has a successful track record in the world market for over 20 years. Excellent long term aging properties. Broad day-night temperature swings in spring and fall will not compromise the final physical properties of the Liquid Rubber(R) membrane. Liquid Roof could be described as a liquid version of the single ply EPDM membrane which has established and outstanding performance record of over 30 years.

Liquid Roof Application

Liquid Roof's one-coat application saves you time and money sealing and protecting your roof from roof leaks.

Liquid Roof Features

Some of the unique benefits of the liquid roof are:

Can be applied over all roofing materials;

UV and ozone resistant;

Excellent against ponding water;

Waterproofs IMMEDIATELY;

Not damaged by freezing and has long term flexibility;

Final cured properties not damaged by adverse conditions;

ONE coat application. Liquid Rubber forms a waterproof and seamless coating when dry after the application. The latter feature of liquid roof is also what gives EPDM rubbers the best aging properties (retain flexibility longer) of all elastomers. ft allows for average roughness. The cure mechanism in EPDM Liquid Rubber(R) will vary from active to inactive determined by temperature. Liquid Rubber retains its specifications in the temperature range of-20C to + 80C due to its resistance to UV and sunlight, can be used with full confidence even on places such as terraces and roofs that are under exposure to intense sunlight. Oxygen is necessary to activate the catalyst, which promotes peroxide decomposition at lower temperatures. The outstanding characteristics include:

Extreme high resistance to penetration of water.

Liquid Roof; a true EPDM rubber

Liquid Roof is a true EDPM rubber and is the only one sold in liquid form

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